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Barbara has lived in CT for 22 year. She was born and raised in Argentina. Having to make such a drastic change at a young age taught Barbara how to adapt to the changes that come in life. Learning how to fit in without ever forgetting where she comes from and always chasing the " American Dream" like so many others.


Barbara graduated from West Haven High School in 2005. Barbara also worked in a fast food restaurant. She started as a cashier and climbed the ladder to Store Management. Acquiring a lot of knowledge on how to interact with people, how to supervise a business, and make it successful.


Barbara's first year in Real estate was a learning experience and being a single mother of two handsome boys, it wasn't an easy task. But she made sure to make the best of it and in her short career, she helped 6 families in the transaction of their life. Whether it was representing the seller or the buyer, she made sure she gave them 100% of her knowledge, time and advice. She made them feel comfortable with every decision they had to make. While accompanying them on their journey to purchase or sell, she became their friends and always had their best interest in mind. She also kept herself busy assisting more than 20 rentals transactions, helping families transition from different states and landlords filling out their vacant units.


Barbara specializes primarily in first-time homebuyers, sellers, and relocation. She operates her business throughout New Haven Counties. She also speaks perfect Spanish.

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