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As a resident of Connecticut for over 30 years, Brandon’s experience with home renovations has led him from the shoreline to the mountains and hills all across the state. From home to home, there is one thing that is the most important for any buyer- Location, Location, Location!

Brandon’s wealth of knowledge concentrates on getting you the best price for the home that is situated exactly where you can picture spending your many years with loved ones! Brandon extensively researches the area you would like to be in, and takes pride in putting extensive time and energy into making sure that no matter where you want to live, you find the home of your dreams!

Getting you into the home of your dreams is a streamlined process with the ASJ Team, and Brandon is eager to work with you and connect you to our professional team of loan officers, attorneys, inspectors and general contractors. These resources will quickly and efficiently guide you through the process to closing on your home and making it yours! Our team consists of friendly, hard working people who are readily available for you and your future home.

Brandon is dedicated to flowing, ongoing communication throughout the entire process of buying and/or selling a home and he is always available to respond to questions. He will take you step by step to owning your own home and will make sure your investment in your home will be worthwhile and seamless.

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