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Gregorio Santiago

Gregorio was born and raised in New Haven and has spent the majority of his life traveling around Connecticut. He loves to visit the different towns and cities of CT and learn about the varying real estate markets across the state. Being a real estate agent for 6 years and a property manager for 4 years has provided ample opportunities for Gregorio to develop his knowledge. Gregorio uses his experiences to then teach his clients, friends, and family about home ownership and finances. An expert in property development, Gregorio can walk through a house and pinpoint what should be fixed and the cost of that repair! He credits his insatiable drive to learn about the market to his upbringing. Growing up, Gregorio lived in a bilingual household run by a single mother. His mother was never able to own a home, much to the chagrin of young Gregorio. One of the best moments of his life was helping his mom purchase her first home!


Inspired to keep others from the same fate, Gregorio works tirelessly to provide an above and beyond real estate experience for his clients. Not only can he service clients in all stages of their journey, but he can also understand Spanish and speak it casually. These skills, combined with Gregorio’s love for helping others, posits him as an outstanding real estate agent that you will want to meet!

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